IT Services

An Admitted Technology Geek!

Dave is one of those rare “geeks” who has a wealth of business experience and a tremendous amount of IT knowledge garnered through practical application. With years of experience as both a “propeller head” and as manager of such, Dave is uniquely qualified to help any business streamline its IT infrastructure. He has personally designed, built, tested and deployed complex “n-tier” applications. He has also led teams tasked with doing the same on an enterprise level.



From inception to deployment, Dave has participated at every level within the SDLC and is very familiar with the importance of every step.


While not a network admin, Dave has in-depth experience in: network topology disaster recovery redundancy datacenter management deployment strategy


  • MSSQL Server
  • SSIS
  • ETL
  • schema design
  • SQL
  • triggers
  • normalization
  • stored procedures
  • reports
  • object oriented design strategies


  • Web development
  • VBA for Excel
  • Visual Studio
  • PHP
  • n-tier strategic development